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Apr 23, 2024 | BCMHA Executive | 1234 views
Brant Battalion Logo
The BCMHA executive is proud to finally unveil the Brant Battalion logo to our membership. We have been working hard on this in the background & with the start of the inaugural season around the corner we are pleased to finally share the logo! A huge thanks goes out to Marc Cormier for all his patience and hard work on this project as well as his own time that was donated.

Choosing a capital "B" and a shield for a hockey team logo can convey several key messages and attributes:

  • Strength and Protection: The shield symbolizes protection, resilience, and defense, which are essential qualities in hockey. It suggests that the team is strong, secure, and capable of defending its territory on the ice.
  • Unity and Identity: The shield can also represent unity and a sense of belonging among team members and fans. It symbolizes a collective identity and shared values, fostering a strong sense of community both on and off the ice.
  • Heritage and Tradition: Shields have historical significance and are often associated with tradition and heritage. Incorporating a shield into the logo can pay homage to the rich history of hockey and evoke a sense of nostalgia for the sport's roots.
  • Boldness and Power: Choosing a capital "B" adds a bold and powerful element to the logo. It signifies strength, determination, and a competitive spirit, reflecting the team's commitment to excellence and success on the ice.
  • Distinctiveness: Using a capital letter as part of the logo can make it more distinctive and easily recognizable. The bold, uppercase "B" can serve as a focal point, helping the team stand out and leave a lasting impression on fans and opponents alike.
  • Overall, combining a capital "B" with a shield in a hockey team logo communicates a message of strength, unity, tradition, and competitiveness, while also ensuring that the logo is visually striking and memorable.

Looking forward to the upcoming Battalion hockey season!